Capture the Colours of India through a lens

India with its billion plus population equals a billion plus opportunities when it comes to photography. Visit some of India’s most popular destinations that present innumerable sights to capture on camera. We understand that photographers need time in each place to observe and wait for that right moment!

India is a photographers delight, roll your lens to capture its people, culture, wildlife, heritage, festivals, food and so much more. A land of vivid colour, of contrasts, there something new around every corner for a photographers lens; an insight, a question, a revelation.


Cultural Diversity

India offers a unique opportunity for photography, travellers over the years have tried to capture the rich expressions of the country’s culture. The people, their lifestyle which varies every so many kilometres in the same state, temples of every kind, popular festivals to local community celebrations and so much.


Wildlife Up Close

Are you a wildlife enthusiast? If yes, then India is your destination. The region’s rich and diverse wildlife is preserved in numerous national parks and wildlife sanctuaries across the country.

A wildlife tour is never complete unless one stays in the wilderness. Wildlife resorts located in different national parks and wildlife sanctuaries lets one stay there to complete the experience and capture shots of rare and threatened animal species in the region.


Food Extravaganza

Indian food is as varied as the country itself, with every region having its own specialities. It therefore, does not always have to be “hot” nor can any one dish be labelled a “curry.” (That said, many Indian cuisines can be pungent to those unaccustomed to it. Even if you have eaten at Indian restaurants outside India, remember that many such establishments tone down the spice quotient for local tastes.) Eat and shoot !


Attractive Landscape

Over the years many photographers have explored the richness of India’s landscape, from valleys, to snow clad mountains to the hills and the ghats to the desserts of India. There are still endless photo opportunities waiting to be explored.


Architectural Delight

Experience the art and architectural heritage scattered through the length and breadth of this vast country. The architectural wonders of India include 36 World Heritage Sites. (There are hundreds more and one wonders why they are not listed.) More than 4000 years of history can be captured in the unique and artistic forms of architecture. Journey with your lens to capture a slice of history.

Every photographer has a unique eye to capture different aspects and colours of life, India is certainly a land full of opportunities to explore. So, the next time you are wondering where to go on photography tour, come to India where thousands of brilliant images fill the soul with wonder and where quaint and startling contradictions juxtapose to lend an extraordinary vitality, texture and poetry to life.

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