Sita – 55 years of Excellence

“Knowledge is based on Experience, Everything Else is Just Information”

A lot happened in 1963

The Tag Heuer Carrera timepiece was launched; the iconic hindi movie Taj Mahal was released; zip codes were introduced for United States mail; the first Beatles Album ‘Please Please Me’ was released; Lake Palace was converted into a hotel; The Great Train Robbery occurred in England; Martin Luther Jr’s ‘I have a dream’ speech took place at Lincoln Memorial. In the midst of all these events Sita was formed to delivery extra ordinary travel experiences for travellers.

Taking Travel to the Next Level

With the rapid growth of the incoming tour business, what began with a staff of three, soon made remarkable progress. In 1972 Sita started its first overseas office in Paris, followed by Milan, Frankfurt, London, New York, Stockholm, Barcelona and Lisbon. It further expanded its network within the country wherein destinations receiving high volume of clients were serviced by a specialized team. In 1984 Sita opened its first office in Nepal. Over the years the Sita team worked round the clock with utmost dedication and commitment to help build and make the best product selection in the sub-continent executed with the highest service stands. Sita continued to focus its attention on issues that were crucial to its long-term success — the importance of quality, technology and training to help meet and exceed customer expectations. Recognition came along the years with several awards and accolades resulting in Sita being recognised as India’s Leading Destination Management Company. Today, Sita is known for its destination knowledge, experience and expertise.


Technology over the years

One of our colleagues remembers the era of the typewriters where one had to slam the keys hard to get an impression on the last page through the five layers of carbon papers (for multiple copies) to the earlier huge desktops; to the sleek LCD screens to the laptops and now to the I pads. (Yes we do have colleagues who have been with us through all these years.) Technology has really taken over this once completely manual operations industry, the only thing that has not been mechanized is the personal touch that a holiday maker looks forward to when visiting a destination like India.


Delivering Perfect Moments Consistently

We have been delivering Perfect Moments consistently to holiday makers for 55 years now and are proud of our Reliability, Authenticity and Passion as a company.

Our professionals share an absolute passion for the destination and play a key role in delivering these Perfect Moments. Collectively, the Sita team represents 21 Indian states, speaking 26 Indian languages and 9 foreign languages, represented by most faiths of religion. A special mention to all our partners who have also been a part of our journey so far.

Several Firsts In the Travel Industry

The company has stood with a list of several first’s in the travel industry:

  • Implementing Corporate responsibility as an integral part of Sita’s core business activity.
  • Conducting the Human Rights Impact Assessment across its value chain and publishing a report regarding the same.
  • 1st Indian DMC to Receive CSR Committed Incoming Company from TourCert.
  • The most awarded travel company in India.
  • Set up the Destination Knowledge Centre was to create experiences which act as innovative tools in the hands of our Sales Teams and in creative minds of the overseas Product Managers.
  • Launched the Class by Sita benchmark to raise our services to the next level and beyond.


Did you Know

Sita is the Most Awarded travel company in India * Collectively, the Sita team represents 21 Indian states, speaking 26 Indian languages and 9 foreign languages, represented by most faiths of religion *Sita’s logo is inspired by the Taj Mahal *Our Art of Travel Newsletter has been felicitated with the PATA Gold Award* We are recognised by TourCert as a CSR committed Incoming Agency* We have Tourist Assistance Vehicle that patrols Jaipur* We have stopped the Garland Welcome Ritual for travellers –we care for the environment* We have a 24 hour helpline –for more Did You Knows – call us anytime!

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