Textile Workshop in Kolkata

This 2 day Textile Workshop in Kolkata is a fascinating insight into how self-help groups of women are turning traditional weaves of West Bengal into designer wear for the international market.

In this hands-on experience, you get to see the various stages and the work that goes into creating these exquisite fabrics. The workshop begins with a brief factory tour to see all the units from block printing, screen printing, weaving, yarn and fabric dyeing and the textile library. Post tea you are guided through the first part of the workshop – block printing and contemporary applications. See the various metal, wooden, traditional and texture blocks and the block making process. Then try your hand at the printing process, rolling, hand painting, brushing, steaming, washing and much more. Next is the weaving process, where you watch the yarn dyeing and fixing, weaving, washing, softening and tasselling. Here you can try your hand at the various traditional stitches of West Bengal as well as Batik. The workshop ends with a film tracing the history of these weaves and a visit to the store to see these traditional clothes in their contemporary avatar.

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  1. I am visiting Kolkata from 16-28 may/ any art related activities you can suggest?
    Sushma Kothari

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