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Here is an eco-friendly and interesting way to explore Mysore! See the city wake up with the first light. This bicycle trip is an intimate introduction to the city you

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Bandra or Bandor as the erstwhile Portuguese called it, is christened as the ‘Queen of Suburbs’. This quiet neighbourhood, which is home to small east-indian villages or ‘Ghoutans’ , has

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The mornings at Varanasi ghats (river banks) are surreal. As the sun rises people flock to the ghats to do their morning worship; and this activity has been existant here

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See Udaipur beyond lakes and palaces. Taste the real flavour of Udaipur’s rich cultural heritage. Live few special moments from the golden era. Explore the heart of Udaipur and observe

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To actually feel the pulse of the city one should explore its markets. Mumbai offers a lot of options for shopping but great bargains happen only on the streets! Rasta

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This walking tour takes you back into the 14th century ! Fort Cochin is said to have formed in the 1340’s due to cataclysmic floods. It being the natural gateway

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Nature and wildlife; our journey this month has something for every wilderness lover – pick and choose your favourite or even better, give yourself time to explore them all. Here

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We are super excited to bring you Incredible India at its best with Sita.

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Our feature this time is a compilation of journeys for those yearning to go solo.

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Family Travel With Sita

We’re thrilled to bring you our newest feature on “Family Travel”. These journeys take you to four corners of India and bring out the best of local culture. Adding to

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Our feature this time comes packed with fun, active and immersive adventures designed exclusively for women. So whether, you travel to feel inspired, to feel alive or see the intense,

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The Indian Sub-continent isn’t short of spectacular festivals but some are just more exciting than others. Between the glittering décor and the collective cheerful vibes, from one day affairs to

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Bucket - List Worthy Experiences Across Indian Subcontinent

CHOOSE YOUR PERFECT TRAVEL EXPERIENCE Travel is all about treating yourself to something new, something just a little magical. Some places have the power to transport you, to a different

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In this month of giving, let us inspire you to travel deeper, and have more impactful travel experiences – whether it is staying at a lodge where the revenues benefit

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