Family Travel With Sita

We’re thrilled to bring you our newest feature on “Family Travel”. These journeys take you to four corners of India and bring out the best of local culture. Adding to the journey are a select list of boutique camps and lodges, celebratory dinners to match the mood and quirky experiences. Come over – and this time – bring the whole family with you!!!

Essential North

12 Days across North India

This journey to North India is different, a great mix that rolls adventure, culture and exploration into one, whilst promising depth and a perspective to your Indian experience.

Essential South

11 Days in South India

For a more laid-back affair, slip into the country’s most southern and sleepiest state and travel through its lush tropical landscapes of the backwaters, mountains and jungles.

Essential East

11 Days in the East

From relishing in the colonial architecture to gazing at the incredible mountain views; this one mixes easy urban life with a love for great outdoors.

Essential West

11 Days in the West

For something out of the ordinary, this one allows you to experience culture and history on one side and beaches on the other.


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