Solo Trips with Sita

Our feature this time is a compilation of journeys for those yearning to go solo. Each program offers incredible moments of discovery, highlighting different cultures and traditions in the subcontinent. Picture yourself scaling great heights in the Himalayas, meeting the happiest people in Bhutan, treating yourself to a coastal vacation, living in a peaceful rural setting – or doing a mix of all of the above.

Solo trip to Nepal

14 Days of Nepal Up-close

Here is a 14 days solo trip that mixes natural beauty, interesting culture and a personal sense of achievement, all paired with an outstanding Nepalese hospitality making it one of the worlds’s most cherished journeys. The well-paced excursions makes it convenient for people with average fitness to easily enjoy this trek.

Solo trip to Bhutan

7 days across Bhutan

This 7 day journey takes you through the most famous cities and sights of Bhutan; perfect for those looking to discover and celebrate the cultural diversity of this serene Buddhist Shangri-La over a short period of time. With a variety of walking opportunities and plenty of time to relax and explore, this itinerary is a spectacular introduction into this magical country.

Solo trip to Sri Lanka

14 days across Sri Lanka

If peace and quiet what you’re seeking, then here’s a perfect journey that celebrates all things unhurried. From relaxing on beaches to spying on stripes in national park, as exciting as it is diverse, this 13 day solo trip flaunts it all!
Your days will be filled with beaches, spas, and the opportunities aplenty for local immersions and interactions.

Solo trip to India

14 days across India

If you’ve been thinking about venturing off alone to India, then don’t give this journey a miss. Big city buzz, with a dash of spirituality, wildlife and a whole lot of hiking opportunities; this solo trip of 14 days gives you a genuine chance to capture the essentials and simple local moments in all tastes and colours.


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