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JUNK STORIES: What makes 1 Hill House very special is also the way the couple have recycled the entire junk, John had bought. “It blends beautifully. You could see that they were not trying hard. Nothing sticks out,” says Kuntil. The wooden staircase which leads to the room that Rani and John keep for themselves while hosting guests, had one of India's Prime Minister walking on it. Old Sewing Machines were fitted with tiles hand painted by Ajulejo Artists of Goa as serving tables, where we had some amazingly delicious snacks in the afternoon and breakfast. The railings of the sitting area which overlooks the foothills of the Western Ghats were from an old college building that was demolished. Lamp Stands near the fireplace were made from the Altar Rails. John even has a wooden trolley in working condition which was used to transport goods to the ships when Alleppey was a thriving port before Cochin. Every piece of junk John had bought, has a story to it which he happily shares with his guests.

FOOD: “I loved the idea of Rani and John keeping the food at 1, Hill House from their family kitchens, with the staff having trained there, who do an exceptional job,” says Kuntil. They served food which the couple eat at home and had grown up eating. “That meant more stories to be shared over delicious Kerala meals,” says Kuntil. Whether it was the Vattayappam, Kerala's queen of steamed rice cakes for breakfast which melts in your mouth, the delicious combo of fresh fish, prawns and squids for dinner, or the Egg Appam Hoppers, Banana Fritters and homemade Chocolate Mousse for dessert, everything was shared over hearty conversations, where great stories were recalled. Rani is happy to do a cooking class for your guests if they take fancy to the home food.

AFTERNOON WALKS IN THE MIST & THE ST GEORGE CHURCH: 1, Hill House is located on a 600 acre estate where tea, coffee and spices are grown, there are lovely walks through the beautiful surroundings which can be done at one's pace. There is also a waterfall nearby to which one can walk. “The mist sets in at Peermade every day late in the afternoon and that's the time I went out on walks to enjoy the peace and calm, except for the sound of crickets and birds from the trees. Fresh air, very pretty nooks and corners to stop a while and the mist, made it very romantic,” says Kuntil. One can also head to the St George Church, which dates back to the days when Peermade was made the British Residency. It's a 15 minute drive from 1, Hill House. It's a quaint little 19th century church surrounded by cypress and pine trees. The priest is happy to open the doors for your guests, if he is around. “It felt like time had stood still at the St George Church and its Cemetery,” says Kuntil. Here lies buried Scotsman JD Munro, the pioneer who brought Tea to Munnar.

TOWEL WARMERS: While it is Rani and John's attention to detail that makes 1, Hill House special, I thought I should mention about the Towel Warmers in the Bathrooms. Peermade is located 3500 metres above sea level and has a cooler clime. And when you return after a walk around the estate or after a visit in and around in the car, the feeling of a warm towel after a wash is really nice. I liked the idea. Very thoughtful of the couple,” says Kuntil.