Marwar to Mewar -
the lesser travelled road

Day 1 - My escape on the lesser travelled road from Marwar to Mewar on Horses, Cycles & Foot saw me visiting quaint little hamlets and sharing a part of the lives of the folks there. I started my journey from Jodhpur where I ventured into the city, walking around tiny lanes surrounded by blue houses with a constant view of the majestic Mehrangarh Fort. RAAS Jodhpur, where I stayed, added to the charm as it was right in the middle of the hustle bustle of the town and also next to a spectacular Stepwell. The culture of the past which reflected among the locals made me transit, mentally and physically, from the city life I had left behind.

Day 2 - The excitement in me was building up with all the adventure waiting ahead. Early this morning I found myself right in the middle of a scenic desert landscape experiencing a Jeep safari. I felt refreshingly close to the wild as I stood gaping at roughly 64 Chinkaras (Indian Gazelle) well blended with nature blissfully unaware & Blackbucks (Antelopes) running wild in the field. The highlight for me was when I heard the mating calls and witnessed the mating of Blue bulls (The largest of Asian Antelopes called Nilgai among the locals). To be right in the middle of this wilderness took my breath away. The experience just got enhanced when I visited a Bishnoi home to have a local Rajasthani meal with them. I even made a Bajra (millet) ki roti (Indian Chapatti) on the traditional chulha (traditional stove). Right after relishing the most delicious meal, I snoozed under the open skies basking in the winter sun on a charpoy(traditional woven bed). A typical rural experience which I highly recommend.

Day 3 - Today was dedicated to a cycling adventure with the cycling expert as a companion which was all planned out. We set out to achieve the goal of cycling 40 kms to reach our next destination, Rohet. My first feeling was this thrill as the cool breeze hit my face while cycling down the empty roads. We stopped in villages and sipped hot tea with the local folks. Escaping into the countryside on cycles was one gripping experience.

Day 4 - This day was special as Marwari horses are my first love and to me, there is nothing better than to see the world through the ears of a Marwari horse. Galloping through open fields chasing Black bucks along the beaten tracks that lead to villages and Dhani’s (hutments), we stopped to interact with local folks. It was an enriching experience which made my day unforgettable on my wonderful stallion.

Day 5 - I enjoyed a leisurely morning today in charming Mihirgarh which is in the middle of nowhere surrounded by tall native grass. Right after that I was on my way to Kesarbagh where I was booked for this wonderful hidden train journey. It turned out to be the most picturesque sight as I caught glimpses of peacocks, deers and a troop of langur monkeys. The train cut through the rugged Aravali Mountains as it snaked its way through dark tunnels and passed steep hills, flowing waters and plains.

Day 6 - We were back on our cycles and set off to Rawla Narlai. Our stamina had increased with all the adventure and cycling a few days ago. The achievement of the day was that we cycled 40 kms at a stretch. Evening was spent relaxing and enjoying dinner at the beautiful Stepwell under the starlit sky with the only light of candlelight’s surrounded by the the local jogi (Folk singer) singing devotional songs.

Day 7 - We set out from Rawla Narlai today to arrive at Godwad camp where we were greeted by the Rabari tribe, indigenous tribal caste of nomadic cattle and camel herders. We headed for an evening jeep safari and got extremely lucky to have sighted two small 4 months old playful leopard cubs. Elusive, unpredictable and exuding an air of raw power, seeing a leopard in the wild is a safari experience that will stay with us for life.

We also spotted a few Indian Muggers (Crocodiles) and birds. We spent the evening sitting around the bonfire & soaking in a starry tent experience. The feeling of living with nature is one that cannot be explained through words; but, one that can only be experienced.

Day 8 - Early morning, we went for a walk to the Rabari tribe village close by and interact with the local shephards .Explored horse riding on the noble Marwari in the Bera area & enjoyed riding through small hamlets & scenic routes. There are stretches in this route where one can take short canters. Lunch at Mithdidam with the lake surrounding you is a paradise for bird lovers and one can enjoy a boat ride too. This was the most breath-taking little piece of heaven on earth which left me mesmerized. Visit to the Ranakpur Jain temples & leave for the stylish and colonial Mountbatten lodge.

Day 9 - This day was spent exploring on foot a very scenic village called Maga. Here we saw clusters of Mud houses and Persian wheel wells. We also got to learn the traditional method of making jaggery with a local family. Trekking uphill was quite battling & fun. After a day of fulfilling adventure and experiences ,the Fateh safari lodge was quite a treat.

Day 10 - Today we were back on the cycles to make our way to RAAS Devigarh. This stretch was a little hilly with some tough uphill rides which pushed us to peddle harder. Through the green countryside we cycled with a tinge of disappointment as the adventure was coming to an end. As we cycled inside this fortress turned boutique hotel, it was the best feeling to finally look back and have this satisfaction on how wonderful everything turned out.

Day 11 – We ended our trip at the Homestay, Devvasa which felt like a home away from home.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing my experience of a wondrous mix of cycling, horse riding & trekking along the sturdy Aravali range. “We travel not to escape life but for life to escape us. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”-Anonymous.

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Marwar to Mewar - The lesser travelled road

Marwar to Mewar - The lesser travelled road

Marwar to Mewar - The lesser travelled road

Marwar to Mewar - The lesser travelled road

Marwar to Mewar - The lesser travelled road