Mundota Fort & Palace, Mundota

My colleague Lena and I visited Mundota Palace recently for a first-hand experience. Located 45 minutes away from Jaipur, Mundota Palace sounded really exciting – a unique combination of a Heritage property, a private Hilltop Fort and a Horse Polo ground with 40 in-house horses. Starting October 2018 this will be their first tourist season.

Day 1:

This 38 room property is situated right in the heart of Mundota village where we had a grand welcome. There were men on horses holding lancers whilst we witnessed the Kachi Ghodi dance performance where dancers wear horse costumes, and participate in mock fights, while a singer narrates folk tales about local bandits. Our evening was made special by a Risala dinner (a grand set-up with horses, lancers, history and tradition around it). Drinks and dinner were curated around this theme where one is taken back to the glorious days of Rajasthan. The Palace has three huge gardens which can be utilized for private experiences and events. All three gardens together can hold upto 600 pax. We had a good night sleep in our superbly comfortable rooms.

Day 2:

We started with an early morning village walk and the first thing that striked us was the cleanliness all around. As the property is new, the village is also experiencing tourists for the first time. During the village walk we were taken to the local temple, the village market, farms and local houses for a sneak peek into their daily lives. The rest of the day was spent at the palace where the owner took us for a property visit. Early evening we headed for a jeep safari which was a very good experience. We saw many Nilgais (Asia’s largest Antelopes). One can also spot wild hares, partridges, parrots and other birds. The Jeep Safari can be done in the afternoon as well. The afternoon safari ends with sunset over a cup of tea /coffee and snacks at a nice location. In the evening we were taken to the hilltop fort for dinner organised specially for us. This is a 500 year old Fort which will soon, we were told, have 5 Large Suites and a swimming pool. As we walked inside, the whole fort was illuminated right from the entrance to all the way inside. We were served a Rajasthani Thali on the terrace of the Fort’s courtyard. This dining venue is highly recommended for clients who want to celebrate a special occasion.

Day 3:

We were taken to their private horse polo lawn. Here, clients can walk around the stables, help in grooming the horses, go for a ride and even watch an exclusive polo match. It has an lounge with many trophies won by the owner Vikram Rathore who was a polo player himself . We spent a few hours here and enjoyed a variety of snacks with tea before making our way back to Delhi.

Mundota Palace works for clients who are happy to stay in the peace and quiet of the countryside, yet close to Jaipur. It has a completely different terrain which is special and there is enough to do within the property itself. Ideal for FITs

Should you have questions about Mundota Palace get in touch with your relationship manager and we will be happy to answer them.




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