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26 September 2018




Dear Travel Professional,

A lot has happened last month…the state of Kerala and its people suffered terribly due to the rains the likes of which have not been seen in over a 100 years. We have three offices and many team members in the state servicing our clients. The teams still managed to volunteer to help with the relief work in the region…which is commendable. As an extension of the Company's CSR initiative we made a significant contribution towards Chief Ministers Relief Fund for the people of Kerala. Fortunately, the tourism circuit in Kerala remains largely intact with its beauty.

We also had our very First Overseas Sales Conference in August, it was a very productive 2 day session and a great platform to meet all our representatives in one place, do read more about it in the Perfect Moments section.

The level of service is an active element in Sita's differentiation strategy. Keeping this in mind, the second series of the Guide Interaction Meet took place at our Gurgaon office for our ambassadors in the service industry, our guides.

The Sita team also participated at The Indian Hotels Company Ltd. Sales Mission which was a great event as well to meet Taj partner hotels from across the group.

We will also be announcing the winners of our Instagram Photo Contest soon – stay tuned.


Dipak Deva
Managing Director


The Bamboo Safari Forest Lodge,
Tadoba National Park

Stay At

Reviewed by Jean Noel Esteve, Product Manager, Destination Knowledge Centre

Situated on the edge of the Maasal Lake, around 15 minutes’ drive from the Kolara Gate on the Northern part of the Tadoba National Park, the Bamboo Safari Forest Lodge is exactly what you can call an eco-luxury resort. A stark contrast to the rugged jungle outside, the villas and chalets of the property are painstakingly adorned with care and comfort, providing luxury using environment friendly methods. The property has 20 rooms built in concrete, but the look and feel is earthy which integrates well with the environment. The exterior looks rustic but once you enter it is a totally different world.

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Beyond the Tigers…
Beyond the Wildlife

Stories from the Road

By Jean Noel Esteve, Product Manager, Destination Knowledge Centre

Beyond the Tigers

This point is extremely important to broach with your clients while selling a wildlife tour of Central India. Tiger sighting in the wild in Central India is a matter of chance and a single-minded objective of sighting a Tiger during a park visit may disappoint clients in a great way. I was myself excited at the possibility of seeing Tigers in the wild, but more the safaris I went on, the more I started to enjoy the wilderness, the landscape and the other treasures that these parks offer. Of course, the quality and passion of the naturalist is critical here. In Pench for instance, I did not see any Tigers but the safaris here remains among my best souvenirs. All thanks to Sohel – a former engineer from Mumbai who decided to become a naturalist. He was an extremely pleasant person too. The way he was telling the stories of each animal spotted was amazing. This brings us to crucial point why the quality of naturalist should be given priority over price while selecting properties for a wildlife tour of Central India. Not all luxury properties have good engaging naturalists, likewise a simple property may have very knowledgeable passionate ones.

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Tiger Parks of Central India

Check out our video Tiger Parks of Central India.

Shot by: Jean Noel Esteve, Product Manager, Destination Knowledge Centre.

Edited by: Saurabh Rai, Video Editor, Destination Knowledge Centre.



Product Update


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First Overseas Sales Conference

The First Overseas Conference – Investing in the Future – took place from 27 – 28 August, 2018 at Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi. Longchamp was the beautiful venue at the hotel, which offered stunning views of Delhi for the participants and of course a stylish set up within. The participants included all the company’s overseas representatives. The two day conference provided a platform for each representative to show their respective marketing scenario, learn about the latest from Sita’s perspective, exchange ideas and of course a personal interaction for both sides. After the conference the participants embarked on experiential tours of Punjab or Nepal which allowed them to gather first-hand information about the destination, hotels and much more.


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