Incredible Journeys For Women

India offers active and immersive tours for women. So …whether, you travel to feel inspired, to feel alive or see the intense, rare and the incredible; from the beautiful palaces, to being amidst the world’s most incredible scenery, to travelling from coast to countryside, and sharing an incredibly simple but soul satisfying meal with locals …it is all here in India.

Intrinsic to these journeys is many women-to-women experiences and cultural exchange opportunities enabling women travelers to bond with local women through cuisine, culture and art. Regardless of whether, your interests lean towards historical forts or local crafts or good food and conversations; journeys in India offer that little ‘extra’ something to look forward to.

On this cultural and empowering discovery to India, gain deep-rooted sense of a place, observe local artisans in their workshops, indulge in good food and conversations, embrace a vibrant indigenous culture and experience the warmth and charm of its proud people.



Take in a dose of history and a dollop of contemporary culture.
This thriving, self-confident capital will win your heart with its art, history and culture. As you visit the different parts of the city, thanks to the diversity of each area, you will notice the Delhi “buzz” is continuously on the move and her moods survive with certain grace and civility, hospitality and community spirit.



The city of the magnificent Taj Mahal; Agra, be prepared to romance The Taj Mahal. Rise early to catch the first rays of dawn gleaming on the marble art, Taj Mahal.



Mumbai has its own special vibe and boasts of its unique sense of style, great nightlife and amazing food. Wake up at the crack of dawn to take a peek into the underbelly of the city and insights into what makes this magnificent city tick.



An idyllic abode – Udaipur is like a breath of fresh air. With marble palaces and shiny lakes nestled inside the green Aravali range, this town is like a splash of colour in colorful Rajasthan that’s brighter, tinged with the tones of local legends and lore.

The City Palace- Meandering within the city palace; majestic and unmatched. The magnificent palace walls spread over a mile on the eastern side of the lake and within the palace are a web of inner courtyards, rooms and ornate halls. Wander through the halls and see some of the royal possessions on display including the gorgeous peacock mosaics, striking blue and white ceramics and Dutch inlaid tile work, glass and porcelain figures and miniature paintings.



A journey by road carving through the low hills leads you to the city of Immense Mehrangarh, the muscular fort that sits over the Blue City of Jodhpur. These parts of the golden sand feel like they are caressed by the skies as Jodhpur is painted blue all over. Adding a romantic flair to Jodhpur, are its exquisite handicrafts, folk dances, music and the brightly attired people.



Discover Jaisalmer’ s fascinating deserts cape. Take an unhurried stroll along the fort’s still-inhabited alleyways and the backstreets of the walled city. Amid the fort walls are clustered havelis, temples and mansions; unlike any other city of Rajasthan. Do not forget to see the setting sun’s reflection on the massive sandcastle; a magical honey-gold is what twilight turns it into. It’s pretty impressive!



Experience the extravagance in Jaipur’s historical artefacts, prized monuments, bustling bazaars or even in its multi-coloured turbaned villagers.

Take in the pink city’s magnificence; its forts and palaces.

From the City Palace which is home to the former royal family to Jantar Mantar, the royal observatory upholding a fantastic aspect and the honeycomb Hawa Mahal staring the bazaar below. And just out of sight, in the dry hilly outskirts surrounding the city is the legendary splendor of Amber Fort, Jaipur’s star magnet.

There is so much more to Incredible India…

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