5 Things to watch out for this month with Sita

Staying connected with Sita and journeying together with us through India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bhutan is an experience you can’t miss, even now. Here are 5 ways you can

Shopping in India to Market, to Market

If there is one place to experience India’s diversity, one need not look beyond the local markets in the country. A cacophonous rhythm of people milling about amidst the jarring

A Thousand Miles Journey – From UK to Mumbai: In Conversation with Anjali Pathak, Chef and Food Writer

Anjali Pathak is a Chef and Food writer. Most importantly, she is a passionate teacher of the culinary arts. She grew up fully immersed in food as the next generation

Unique Experiences in Sri Lanka

Traditional Dancing School Witness a private traditional Kandyan dancing and drumming performance where an experienced local dancing master will teach you the basics of dancing and drumming after the end

Exploring the Hidden Treasures of Punjab

The name ‘Punjab’ was coined by a medieval era Muslim traveller Ibn Batuta, denoting a vast fertile land located south–west of the Himalayas and north of the Thar Desert, watered

Four Days in Mumbai

Day 1 : Of Curries, Museums and Henna Tattoos Start in the afternoon from the Lalbaug Spice Market to get an understanding of the spices that go into making the

Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge: A journey into regenerative Tourism

Conscious Luxury – I am always worried about the luxury word as, going back to its Latin root it means excess! So conscious luxury must be moderated by a great

Must Do Wildlife Experiences in Sri Lanka

National parks in Sri Lanka are home to an amazing range of wildlife. Its magnificent sights of majestic elephants, fine-feathered peacocks, great black bears and agile leopards that steal away

SO FAR, SO CLOSE – India and Spain

Natalia Sanchez –Infantes represents the company in Spain. She refers to the people of India as the Latins of Asia. Read on to find out why. Not in many countries