Travellers today are seeking a deeper meaning to what they do and how they explore the many facets of the world. They are looking at experiencing this new way of travel and searching for deep insights into different traditions and cultures, enabling authentic encounters that can provide lasting experiences to them. Indeed the Future of Travel is “Experiences.”

North India


Street food in Old Delhi and the Galauti Kebabs & Biryani in Lucknow.


The Taj Mahal


The hand block printing workshop to create your own souvenir in Jaipur.


The Nuns at Dolma Ling Nunnery in Dharamshala.


The ancient ghats of Benaras.


A cooking session at a private home.

Glossary of Experiences

The Colonial Tour:

Tour of Agra gives one an insight into the life and times of a cantonment during the days of the British Raj.

Tales from Across the River:

Explore the lesser known monuments of Rambagh, Gyarah Sidi and Itimad-ud-Daulah.

Walking Tour of Old Amritsar:

An interesting walk through the narrow lanes of Old Amritsar en route to the Golden Temple, showcasing the city’s Sikh history and culture.

Old Delhi by Rickshaw

Tour Old Delhi with a local guide, on specially designed and modified rickshaws, exploring the bylanes and heart of the old city.

Bicycle Tour:

Tours on bicycles on pre-planned routes which promise to show you the city up close and personal.

Evening in Hauz Khas:

New Delhi’s historic Hauz Khas Village may be a bit overcrowded with people and cars, but there’s no trendier spot in the capital to eat, shop and generally enjoy the vibe.

Change of Guard Ceremony:

Held every Saturday, the Change of Guard Ceremony is a chance to peek behind the corridors of power and see the ceremonial change of troops accompanied by horses and a military band in the otherwise off-limits forecourt of Rashtrapati Bhavan – the Presidential Palace.

Food Walk:

Old Delhi is a food paradise, and this walk is specially curated by a passionate foodie!

Acclimatisation Photo Workshop:

A valuable workshop for Photographers visiting India. An expert will guide one through the nuances of a different culture and locale and sensitise one to its idiosyncrasies.

Sufism, the Heart of Islam:

Understand Sufism as you walk with a student-guide through a relatively unexplored part of the city. The walk is a part of an initiative by a local NGO and the money goes towards the development of the area.

Shahpur Jat village:

The village is fast becoming the next trendy location with cafes coming up around boutiques and quaint stores housed in the narrow streets. A blend of the old and the new, Shahpur Jat throws up all kinds of treasures including some brilliant street art.

Meherchand Market Experience:

This small strip of a road has become a fledgling but buzzing marketplace that is home to some of the country’s most vibrant young brands.

Rural Train Ride:

Experience this narrow gauge, slow, rural train ride from Kamblighat to Phulad.

Picnic in the Countryside:

An experience which has no agenda. Head out to the country-side, eat really delicious food cooked the same rustic way travellers, pilgrims and warriors did during the days of yore in Rajasthan and take an afternoon siesta in the charpoys under the sky.

Walk from Bir to Sherab Ling Monastery:

The walk starts from Bir, famous for paragliding, and passes through pretty villages, small tea garden and a short patch of pine forest and end at a monastery.

Kangra Valley Toy Train Ride:

Enjoy this toy train ride that gently meanders through hills and valleys, with stunning views of the Dhauladhar range.

Magic of Morena:

At sunrise visit the wonderful ancient Hindu temples of Mitawali, Padawali and Bateshwar.

Evening Walk:

This walk takes you to local artisans in their workshops, and let’s you sample some of the region’s culinary delights, even as you meet and talk with the people of the city.

Cooking Lesson at Dera Mandawa:

A cooking demonstration with the hosts at the Dera Mandawa hotel. Understand the intricacies of Rajasthani cuisine, and later, share the delicious meal with them.


Spend time with elephants; feed them, paint them and learn about these gentle giants from their Mahout.

Bagru Block Printing Workshop:

This is a hands-on experience where you create your own piece of art under a mentor to take back with you as a memento of your travels to India.

Day in Mehalwar Village:

Explore this small village and witness the special Bundeli horse and local dance performances. The tour will end with a meal at one of the houses.

Trek to Ajaygarh Fort:

An easy trek up the Ajaigarh Fort, which is known for its architecture.

Masroor Rock Temple Complex:

Explore this quaint complex of monolithic temples carved out of a single rock, the only of its kind in Himachal Pradesh and the entire sub-Himalayas of North India was built in the 6th or 7th century.

Walking around Garli Village:

Experience the charming, medieval ambience of Garli village, with its elegant havelis, mansions and Italianate buildings which are interspersed amongst lovely mud-plastered and slate-roofed houses which lie alongside streets paved with dressed cobbled stone.

Kangra School of Pahari Miniature Painting:

Learn about this style of miniaturepainting, evolved in the 17th and 18th centuries, as a distinctive style of painting by fusion of Hindu mythology, Mughal and Rajput miniature techniques and folk art of the local hills.

Pens & Brushes:

This walk will start from the English writer’s house and end at the residence and art gallery of a legendary artist of Shimla.

The Quaint Village of Samal:

An ideal place to break journey between Jodhpur and Udaipur and experience rural India.

Udaipur by Cycle:

An easy cycling tour of the main sights of the city led by a local expert.

An introduction to Indian Classical Music:

This session will provide you an introduction to Indian classical music followed by a short vocal recital and a demo on Sitar and Tabla.

Meet Rare Textile Artists:

A rare opportunity to experience the vibrant and diverse world of textiles up close.

Death & Rebirth Night Walk:

Visit Manikarnika, the Burning Ghats, to see the most profound of Hindu rituals. Also visit a temple of Goddess Kali to know how she liberates the soul from the cycle of life and death by killing the ego.

Northern Bazaars & Hidden Alleys:

Explore the least traversed part of the city and riverside where the great mystic Kabir wrote poetry. The 8th century Krishna temple, a mosque perched on the top. This bazaar has so many twists and turns like a maze.

South India


The delicately spiced seafood in Kerala.


The Kathakali dancers who have day professions and put on make-up for the sheer passion of the dance!


Carnatic music


The ruins of Hampi.




The tranquil backwaters of Kerala.

Glossary of Experiences

The San Thome Cathedral Walk:

Learn about the local history, the church, its architecture and stories around it.

An Afternoon with our Expert:

A writer, radio broadcaster, textile activist, food columnist and an excellent cook. Visit her home to enjoy some authentic Tamil cuisine and learn about Tamil culture.

Storytrail – Steeple Chase:

Walk through Chennai’s Christian history and stories, from the humble arrival of St. Thomas, to the British who left behind a cathedral of neo-gothic splendor. Explore the forces that shaped Christianity in India as you experience a part of Chennai you may never have expected.

Vegetable & Flower Market:

An amazing riot of colours; experience the early morning energy and just the sheer scale of the Koyambedu Market.

Dancer’s Trail:

Join us as we take you on a journey through the city’s classical dance saga.

British Blueprints:

This trail gives you a peek into colonial Madras.

Simply South Trail:

Learn about the different regions and communities in the south that come with a very distinct set of customs, quirks and ways of life.

Walking Tour of Cochin:

Walking tour designed as an eye opener to the old towns of Fort Cochin and Mattancherry. The large rain trees, beautiful colonial buildings, quaint streets lined with many shops, dining options, the Chinese fishing nets, the beach area, the different communities of Mattancherry is some of what you will see and experience.

Discover the Ancient Landscape of Muzuris:

Learn about Muzuris, also known as the ‘Jerusalem of the East’, an ancient harbour which is nearly 3000 years old.

Demystifying Kathakali:

Meet the Kathakali dance maestro who introduces the world of mudras or symbolic hand gestures.

Blue Bus Tour:

Hop on this tour to experience the life of a common person in Kerala.

Anglo Indian Cooking:

Learn about the fusion of Indian and European food and the cooking methods with an Anglo-Indian family in Fort Cochin.

Lunch at a Spice Plantation:

Enjoy a local family lunch and learn about the spice plantations.

Rubber Contours:

Explore the rubber growing destination of Kerala, and enjoy home cooked lunch with a local family.

Village Rubble:

Tour through the scenic countryside on cycles or tuktuk, watching the locals go about their day-to-day life.

Heritage Walk of the French Quarters:

Informative walking tour through streets lined with colour-washed villas sporting louvered shutters, wrought-iron grilles, and ornate cornices. Among the highlights is the beautifully restored, salmon-pink Church of Our Lady of Angels on Rue Dumas, built in 1865.

Three day Chola Tour:

A comprehensive picture of the Cholas from their legendary beginnings to their final decline. There will be a lot of interesting stories and at least one typical Chola lunch recreated in a modern kitchen.

Cooking Lesson:

Chettinad cuisine perfectly illustrates how geography and climate influence the palate of a region and community. Join in and try your hand at cooking an authentic dish full of spices.

Mysore on a Bicycle:

Join us on a cycle tour as the city wakes up. Make your way through itsnarrow streets, varied communities and tree lined avenues, giving you a picture of time standing still.

Royal Mysore Walk:

Walk the city to discover the colonial connections and how the American War, French Revolution and the Battle of Waterloo relate to Mysore. Also visit the 125-year-old market known for its vibrancy and colour.

Mysore Silk Tour:

Mysore silk is one of the purest forms of silk in the world. The tour explores what goes into making a saree and why they are worth every penny.

Mysore Vintage Jeep Tour:

A half day tour of Srirangapatna in an open-top jeep to hear the story of Tipu Sultan and his ingenious battle tactics. It was Tipu who adapted rockets to carry explosives for use as military weapons and turned them to great effect against the army of the East India company.

Ghatam Experience in Mysore:

Learn one of the most ancient percussion instruments of south India.

Foodie Tour in Madurai:

A tour to taste local delicacies with a pinch of history thrown in. You will visit a series of authentic restaurants and roadside eateries, hand-picked by us, which serve traditional Madurai food.

Once Upon a Madurai:

Experience the short walk through this ancient city and a chance to know her stories.

Madurai Dancer’s Trail:

Each city presents, through its dances, a story of its life. Learn about Madurai’s.

Visit a Traditional School:

Visit the school where young children live and train to become priests and listen to their Vedic chants.

East India


Bengali ‘Ilish’ Fish curry in mustard.


The one-horned Rhinos in Kaziranga.


Tea tasting


The ruins of Rabdentse, the erstwhile capital of Sikkim.


Rumtek Monastry


Majuli Islands

Glossary of Experiences

Dalhousie Square on Foot

A perfect introduction to British Calcutta which gives you a sneak peek into what went into the making of the colonial capital of India.

Enjoy an Adda Session with the Locals

An informal chit-chat over a cup of tea, popularly known as ‘adda’, which is quintessentially how the locals spend their evenings in the company of friends, discussing anything and everything under the sun, from cricket to politics.

Park Street on Foot

Explore this hugely famous (and infamous) promenade that was once the pleasure capital of the British Empire.

Sova Bazaar on Foot

Sova Bazaar is the vibrant hub of traditional Bengali culture and the erstwhile quarters of the ‘natives’ during Imperial India.

Confluence of Culture Walk

A fascinating walk that lets you experience the confluence of cultures in Kolkata.

Walking Around the Oberoi Grand

Walk around the Oberoi Grand, an iconic Kolkata landmark, to feel the vibe of the city.

Mullick Ghat Flower Market on Foot

Walk under the Howrah Bridge to explore the Mullick Ghat Flower Market, the oldest but also one of the most vibrant markets of the city, by the river Ganga.

A Two-Day Textile Workshop

A hands-on workshop, working with textiles and learning various processes and techniques.

Literary tour of Kolkata

Learn some interesting facts about the rich and multi-layered literary history of Kolkata.

West India


The Little Rann of Kutch.


Rathwa tribals in Gujarat.


Gujarati vegetarian thali and the Malvani cuisine of Western Ghats


Mango plucking and tasting in April/May.


The UNESCO Heritage Sites of Ajanta and Ellora.


The Asiatic Lions

Glossary of Experiences

Walking Tour of Ahmedabad

A walking tour of the city which takes one through its historic parts showcases Gujarati culture and many of its architectural gems. Experience a maze of twisted lanes with fresco-laden havelis and ancient temples.

Ajrakh Block Printing

Insight into this indigenous art form of the Khatri community using natural dyes. The Khatri community, whose ancestors have been printing with Ajrakh blocks for centuries, migrated to Dhamadka from Sindh in present day Pakistan.

Rome of the East

Goa is much more than beaches and it has a soul which goes deep into unique history and rich culture. Visit the old complex of magnificent churches and walk through the small squares and back lanes of the downtown’s old quarters where the Portuguese influence is most evident.

Waterfalls & Spices

Visit one of the largest waterfalls in Goa and explore the spice plantation in a full day excursion from Goa.

Meet the Rathwa Tribals

The Rathwa derive their name from the word rathbistar, which means an inhabitant of a forest or hilly region. They are said to have immigrated from Madhya Pradesh in the Middle Ages, and are now found in the talukas of chota Udaipur, Jabugam, Kawant, Pavijetpur, Bodeli, Jambu Ghoda and Nasvadi in Chhotaudepur District and Alirajpur. They speak their own dialect of Gujarati, known as Rathwi.

Wine Tour

Discover Indian wines and wine pairing with expert sommeliers at the Fratelli vineyard.

Malvani Cuisine

A speciality from the Konkan region. Learn about cooking techniques, ingredients and recipes at Dwarka homestay in Sawantawadi.

Mumbai by Dawn

Wake up at the crack of dawn for an insight into the single-minded, hard-working grit of the people of this city, who work and live with one purpose – to forge a better life. Mumbai by Dawn is a detour that marvels at the united goal of a hugely diverse population.

The Mumbai Dreams

Get a glimpse into the magical world of the Indian entertainment industry.

Beyond India


Whale watching in Sri Lanka.


Pokhara Valley in Nepal.


The singing bowls.


The Chitwan National Park


The hike to the Tiger’s Nest Monastery in Bhutan.


The mountain flight in Nepal to see the Everest.

Glossary of Experiences


Heritage Walk

A leisurely walk through the city, covering the main places of interest with the opportunity to interact with the locals.


Listed under UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is the famous sacred Hindu temple dedicated to Pashupatinath (Lord Shiva).

Singing Bowls Master

Discover the secret of these singing bowls which were invented by ancient Tibetan and Nepali Buddhist monks for physical, mental and spiritual rejuvenation. These sound waves are believed to penetrate the mind of the listener.

Meet the ex-Kumari

The ex-Kumari was Nepal’s living child goddess. Have an interactive chat with her family members regarding her life as a Kumari and ex-Kumari.

Meet the Sherpa Who Climbed the Everest

Learn about the lifestyle of the Sherpas in the Himalayas. Through a personal interaction, discover information and experiences of the situation on the ground, the requirements and the challenges they face as they conquer the mighty mountains.

Visit to Thimi Ceramics

Learn about Thimi Ceramics, the rich legacy of handcrafted Nepalese ceramics. It is a perfect example of the evolution of local traditional technology.

Heritage Walk

Discover the architectural beauty of the Hindu and Buddhist religious sites in Bhaktapur.

Pottery Session

A rare close-up session with one of Nepal’s master craftsmen who practice time-honoured traditions of art.

Puja at Bhaktapur Temple

Get to know all about the traditional Newari ritual puja. Newaris are famous for the numerous festivals they celebrate and the extravagant feasts they enjoy.

Heritage Walk

Get to know the city of Buddhist monuments, Hindu temples and fine wood carvings.


Himalayan Buddhism

Learn about Himalayan Buddhism, heavily influenced by Tantric Hinduism, known for allusions and hidden symbolism in its rituals, deities, statues and paintings.

Sacred Geometry

Learn how to draw a Mandala, a cosmic diagram used by Buddhist practitioners in the Himalayas as an aid to meditation.

Meet the Author

Meet the author of Escapades–Awakening, a novel that throws light on the traditional courtship custom of Night Hunting and the negative impact of such practices on rural women.

Sri Lanka

Picnic Lunch in the Ruins

The location of this picnic lunch is the Kaludiya Pokuna ruins in Mihintale, which is less frequented by tourists. It is 18kms east of the sacred city of Anuradhapura – a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Enjoy home style picnic food!

The Veddas Walk

Learn about the Veddas, Sri Lanka’s indigenous people on this excursion from Kandy. Walk into the thatched huts of this historic community and partake in their life. Learn how this jungle-tribe adores other nature with a lifestyle that has bordered alongside its values. If you are lucky stand witness to a traditional ear-piercing cry by Veddas who will dance showering blessings from the gods. Visit the house of the chief and listen as he explains the way of life in his community. He might even offer you some valuable advice which will surely add into your repertoire of homemade medical treatments.