The MD’s Journal – 5 Restaurants I love to Indulge

We all are familiar with this phase that we learn so much about a person from the choice of food they love. My 5 must experience Food & Drink Indulgence that savour your palette in New Delhi –The capital of India. To understand diversity we must experience the various flavors of different cuisines. Among my many favorites the five Restaurants I love to indulge.

Indian Accent a place where you will always be surprised as to how an Indian traditional dish has been infused with a contemporary twist. If there were Michelin stars in India they should be given 3 in my opinion. So go treat yourself to an Insiders menu at the No1 Indian restaurant.

“Indian food with an International Accent” quoted by Chef Manish Mehrotra, owner. I love the way Manish has been able to keep the flavors and traditions of India yet infuse them with global ingredients. This is clearly for the 21st century – a unique blend which serves a six course menu where each course is paired with a selection of wines from India and across the world, offering a fulfilling dining experience.

You have to make a booking in advance as tables are very hard to find.

La Bistro Du Park “Bonjour” Relish French cuisine with a modern European twist .A pioneer in Delhi’s Farm to Table movement where everything laid on your table is straight from the local organic farm. It offers Contemporary French food with a wide selection for choice in a cozy romantic atmosphere. Enjoy Jazz performance which takes place every Wednesday and Friday on their terrace under the starlit sky. Toast a glass of wine; enjoy gourmet delights andd beats of live jazz music in an intimate atmosphere.

Wasabi There is no match to Wasabi as there is a lack of Japanese restaurants in Delhi. My personal Insider TIP – go for lunch. They serve a fixed menu where you are not paying an arm and leg to feel and taste the magic created by Legendary Chef Masaharu Morimoto. A contemporary restaurant which offers Age-old favorites like tempura, teppanyaki and sushi made with fresh cooking techniques and unconventional sauces.

Sawarna Bhawan has crossed many milestones; set records and redefined them. They serve around 350 dishes over a Variety ten cuisines spread across India. This is a treat for all the vegetarians and a perfect stop over for a quick snack while you are exploring Connaught place.

Soda Bottle Opener Wala “Chalo Jamwa Chalo ji- Lets go to Eat” If one wants to visit the Bombay beloved Parsi’s cuisine known as Furniturewalaa, Batliwala, Treasurywala, Daruwala then you are surely in the right place. Soda Bottle Wala has revived the lost tradition of the 1950’s Iranian cafes. I lived in Bombay for a few years and had a lot of Parsi colleagues and friends. It was then that I fell in love with Parsi food. I love this place for its quirky décor with a crazy delicious twist which serves the street food of Mumbai with a great blend of Parsi cuisine. I feel the best way to experience this is in the heart of the hustle & bustle of Khan Market in New Delhi. Bring that canvas back to your life in the soul of Delhi. Insider’s Tip-Must try the Chicken Cheese Chilli Pao. You are served by staff who are suffering from complete deafness, which in itself is a wonderful initiative, to give them an opportunity to grow and be independent. They have handy books with pictures to help you communicate with them.

Hope you will enjoy the food in these restaurants as much I do and have a memorable experience.

By: Dipak Deva

Dipak Deva is the Managing Director of Sita. He is committed to showing travellers a deeper meaning to what they do and how they explore the many facets of the Indian sub-continent in a unique yet easily accessible manner.

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